Galaksion Network Review

Galaksion is a new advertising company Galaksion established in 2014. The company strategy is in the name Galaksion, where Galaksio means Galaxy in Esperanto, and the letter “n” stands for network. At this point its employees are focused on working with advertisers and web masters in Europe, India, all of South America, the United States, Russia, Canada and, of course, the UK.
Galaksion works with various traffic monetization systems including CPM, CPA, eCPM, CPL, CPC, CPS, CPI, CPD and many more.
Strong point of Galaksion is media advertising on websites: Pop-up and Pop-under, screensavers, splash screens, interstitial ads, Slide-banners, Video ads, and the running text. Also there is any size of static banners, animated banners, vertical and horizontal: 300х250, 240х400, 600х200, 468х60, 728х90, 160х600 and many others.

The pros of Galaksion

Galaksion does not stand still: innovation and efficiency improvement is our creed. At the same time it maintains its main approach to the selection of offers, based on a thorough assessment, and then provides only with the best offers. It can also provide the highest level of targeted advertising by customizing to geographical location, time, cookies analysis and much more.
Galaksion is:
• Control and statistical analysis. Its system allows change the banner settings quick – add or remove banners, change the frequency of impressions, etc.
• Advanced targeting. Galaksion constantly optimizes its targeting settings for the ads to reach the target audience in order to achieve better results.
• Dynamic optimization of ad platforms. Galaksion works on parameters precision in order to increase the percentage of the target audience.

Galaksion's Affiliates Requirements

All affiliates accepted.

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Network Details
Minimum Payment:100$
Payment Options:eWallets, bank transfers or credit cards: Visa and MasterCard
Payment Types:Net30
Commission Types:CPA
Referral Percent:7%
Offer Tracking:HasOffers, Zotto, Post Affiliate Pro
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