CPAProsperity Network Review

Despite many players continuing to infest the world of Click Per Action, CPA Prosperity still continues to feature among the Top 10 CPA Networks 2013. This ad network is primarily dedicated to direct response advertising and Cost Per Action Marketing. The company's main mission is to provide straightforward and simple marketing solutions to advertisers and publishers to assist them succeed regardless of their size. They have really succeeded in bringing together publishers and advertisers with exclusive and high quality CPA affiliate programs. They are certainly among the best CPA networks you should associate yourself with to not only accomplish your affiliate marketing goals but also reach beyond them as well.

The pros of CPAProsperity

With CPA Prosperity Network, you get to choose from more than 362 offers provide by the company.
The company guarantees simple and straightforward solutions, something that it has managed to achieve through the easy and fast sign process.
The minimum payment is $100 with payments being remitted primarily through wire transfers and checks.
This network is all about great offers and high payouts.
With CPA Prosperity, you will certainly never have a problem with late payments and the money will always be waiting in your bank account on payday.

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Network Details
Minimum Payment:$100
Payment Options:Check, Wire
Payment Types:Net-30, Net-15, Net-7
Commission Types:CPA, CPL, CPS, CPC
Referral Percent:2%
Offer Tracking:Cake Marketing
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