AllianceMedia Network Review

Alliance Media is an invite/referral only network. Meaning if you dont know who we know then we dont want to know you. We have been in this industry a very long time and are very engrained in the space. Our social circle is very concentrated with only the best publishers and we are not looking to weed through random applicants.

The pros of AllianceMedia

We are both super affiliates as well as advertisers. We have a very experienced team capable of monetizing an offer from the very first click to managing the end customer. We often work hand-in-hand with our affiliates sharing techniques on how we can all grown our campaigns. There is enough traffic to go around for everyone and if you work with trustworthy partners we understand having an abundance mindset can go a long way. Furthermore, since we own our own offers we have A LOT more transparency. From end-to-end Alliance Media intl has a lot to offer over other networks.

AllianceMedia's Affiliates Requirements

Referral/invite only. If you can get someone we know to vouch for you then we will consider working together.

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Network Details
Minimum Payment:$100
Payment Options:Wire
Payment Types:Net 15
Commission Types:CPA
Referral Percent:5%
Offer Tracking:Cake
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